National Honor Society

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Chapter 1220


Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility.  Students selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, service, leadership and character by which they were selected while a fulltime student.


The Fleetwood Area High School Chapter of the National Honor Society shall abide by the National Constitution.  The following bylaws are clarifications of specific areas.


Section 1- Selection Procedures

  1. At the beginning of the first quarter of the school year for seniors and the end of the first quarter for juniors, cumulative averages are tabulated.  Any juniors or seniors with a cumulative average of 92.0 or better are considered candidates for the National Honor Society.
  2. All candidates are required to complete an application.
  3. Bylaws must be read and signed by a parent or guardian and submitted as part of the application.
  4. Candidates must have a history of exemplary character. Any record of suspensions, either in or out of school, is not acceptable.
  5. Candidates must score a 12 or higher by the NHS council when they review the application in order to be accepted to NHS. Here is the link for the rubric.
  6. The selection of each member to the chapter must be by a majority vote of the NHS committee.
  7. The decision of the committee is final.  Non-selected juniors who meet the criteria for eligibility will be invited to reapply their senior year.
  8. Approved members will be notified of their selection, and they will be informed of the date and time of the induction ceremony.  

  9. Any behavior on the part of the candidate prior to or during the acceptance process that reflects negatively on NHS or does not uphold NHS standards nullifies the candidate’s acceptance.


Section 2- Maintaining Membership




  1. Members must maintain the academic standard of 92%.  Grades are reviewed every quarter.  If the student’s grades drop below 92%, there is a probationary period of one quarter.  During this period a student may not participate in any NHS activities, including the induction ceremony.  At the end of this time, if the student does not improve, membership is permanently terminated.


  2. If the academic average drops below 92% a second time, the student’s membership is terminated. 




  1. Quarterly faculty evaluations are reviewed.  Any situations which would not support the NHS “role model,” will result in a student meeting with faculty council and appropriate school action.  Violation of school rules, including abuse of attendance and late policy, warrants a meeting with council and appropriate action.


  2. Documented behavior, in or out of school, that reflects negatively on NHS will result in a

    meeting with council and appropriate actions will be taken, as determined by the council.         Please be aware that such behavior includes plagiarizing or cheating.

           This may result in termination of membership and/or ineligibility to wear the

    NHS sash at commencement.

  3. If probation is assigned, the student is prohibited from participating in all NHS activities

    for a period of 45 days.  If this period goes beyond graduation, the student will not walk with the stole for the ceremony.  Juniors will continue the 45-day period at the beginning of their senior year.  A subsequent probation of any kind will result in termination of membership.



  1. After induction students will be required to organize and participate in at least one service project per semester. A minimum of 5 total hours of time per semester is required.


  2. Verification is necessary by completing appropriate form and submitting it to the designated faculty council member by January 15 for the first semester and May 30 for the second semester.


  3. Failure to perform or submit verification of activity will result in termination of membership.


Section 3—Officers

  1. Officers (president, secretary and treasurer) shall be elected by a majority vote.
  2. The duties of the officers should include:

    President:  assist adviser in planning and running meetings, coordinating activities and communications within the chapter.

          Secretary: chapter correspondence.

          Treasurer: coordination and record keeping of chapter finances.